AEA Investors



A pioneer in private equity, AEA Investors has a long history and deep legacy of success in investing in middle market companies around the world.

AEA Investors was conceived in 1963 over lunch between J. Richardson Dilworth, the Rockefeller family’s financial adviser; George Love, the chairman of both Chrysler and Consolidated Coal; and Sir Siegmund Warburg, of the London branch of the Warburg banking family. In 1968, AEA was formally founded as American European Associates with initial capital from the Rockefeller, Mellon and Harriman family interests in partnership with S.G. Warburg & Co.

The idea of AEA was unique and ground-breaking. The initial fund created an opportunity for former executives of the world’s largest companies to pool capital and invest in small to mid-sized businesses, leveraging their professional backgrounds, networks and management expertise to improve these businesses. This unique model distinguishes us among private equity firms; to this day it remains at the heart of our mission and value proposition.

Our unwavering focus on building businesses for long-term success has remained a constant principle throughout our history and enabled over 50 years of consistent results for our portfolio companies through many economic cycles.

  • $15b

    With over $15 billion under management, AEA is a leader in global, middle-market private investing.

  • 130+

    With approximately 135 employees, including approximately 90 investment professionals, AEA’s experienced and focused team leverages deep industry knowledge and exceptional operational expertise.

  • 5/3

    With five offices across three continents, AEA has an unparalleled global network of relationships with family owners of industrial companies, business executives and influential government leaders.

  • 1968

    Founded in 1968 by members of the world’s leading industrial families, AEA is one of the oldest and most experienced private equity firms with a long legacy of success.

  • 75

    AEA has more than 75 Participants, who include some of the world’s pre-eminent industrial families, business executives and former government leaders.