AEA Investors




AEA invested in Burt’s Bees, a leading manufacturer and marketer of natural personal care products in November 2003. The company offers a broad line of natural skin care, lip care, hair care, baby care, natural remedy, grooming and cosmetic products.

  • AEA recruited and developed a professional management team and facilitated the ultimate CEO transition from the company’s founder, Roxanne Quimby, with a focus on preserving the value of the brand.
  • In addition, AEA helped fill all key positions on the leadership team including a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Research and Development and Head of Manufacturing.
  • The AEA Participant model enabled AEA to populate the Burt’s Bees Board of Directors with high quality expertise and experience necessary to transition the company from a small family run business to provider of consumer products through mainstream channels and mass retailers.
  • Provided strategic guidance and support to management during the successful expansion from Burt’s Bees’ traditional base of health food and specialty channels to mainstream food, drug, and mass retailers.
  • Significant new product launches during AEA’s ownership, including in strategic personal care categories, such as hair care, sun care, hand washes and high end facial care.
  • Worked with management on a variety of strategic and operational improvements, particularly as it related to pricing optimization, working capital management, logistics and the supply chain. As part of these activities, AEA supported the company in its transition to a new warehouse and manufacturing facility. All of these efforts improved profitability, efficiency, quality and enabled the company to meet its growth demands.
  • AEA sold Burt’s Bees to a strategic buyer in 2007.
  • Under AEA ownership, Burt’s Bees nearly tripled its revenue and EBITDA and became one of the most recognizable natural skin care brands on the market.