AEA Investors



AEA’s private equity funds have a long history of building businesses and creating value for its investors with limited downside risk. The private equity funds focus on three sectors – Value-Added Industrials, Consumer and Services. This specialization and expert industry knowledge helps the funds source, evaluate and improve AEA portfolio companies.

Our Middle Market Private Equity Funds target equity investments of more than $100 million with a focus on enterprise values between $250 million and $2.5 billion. Our Small Business Funds target equity investments of up to $70 million and enterprise values generally less than $250 million. While each fund is managed by a separate team of investment professionals, the strategies are highly synergistic and allow us to fully cover the middle market and lower middle market space where our expertise lies and wherein we believe the greatest opportunity for meaningful returns to our investors exist.

AEA private equity brings several unique resources to our portfolio companies including:

  • Global Presence: A global footprint to invest and support companies in regions with the best growth prospects.
  • Industry Expertise: A tight sector focus, with expertise and dedicated teams in Value-Added Industrials, Consumer and Services.
  • Strategic Advice: Provide strategic advice to accelerate growth and help transform companies into market leaders by investing in operations and marketing, expanding distribution channels, developing new products and services, opening new locations and making accretive acquisitions.
  • Partnership Approach: A true partnership with management teams, allowing them to operate the businesses as significant shareholders and affording them a tremendous level of responsibility, authority and autonomy.
  • Participants: The AEA Participant network – an unrivaled global nexus of some of the world’s most important business leaders.