AEA Investors



Our founding investors included prominent industrialists, and the firm continues to have a strong focus and significant expertise in the Value-Added Industrials sector. We look for companies that have strong and defensible market positions in attractive niches, high value-added margins, leading brands to their customers and the channels they serve, as well as multiple levers for value creation. While the overall Value-Added Industrials sector is broad and defined primarily by business-model and value-creation strategy, we have had particular success in the sector with industrial technology, building products, packaging and natural resource businesses.

In the Value-Added Industrials sector, we focus on businesses seeking a strategic transformation, with particular emphasis on corporate carve-outs and family-owned businesses. Given our global footprint, we believe we are particularly suited to partner with businesses with operations throughout the world, or those looking to move into new geographies. We are looking to drive growth, productivity and cost position of our industrial business through an improved focus on the customer and leaner operation. Growth is increased by investing in core segments with strong macro growth trends, such as material conversion, improved energy efficiency, key regulatory drivers or a consolidating distribution base, as well as more micro growth drivers affecting the companies such as add-on acquisitions, new product development or further investment in sales and marketing resources. With our global footprint and extensive operating resources, we are able to support these companies as they capitalize on market opportunities and improve their operations.

Representative Value-Added Industrials Investments:

  • Value-Added Industrial Products

    Evoqua Water Technologies

  • Value-Added Industrial Products

    Visual Comfort & Co.

  • Value-Added Industrial Products

    Pro Mach Group, Inc.

  • Value-Added Industrial Products

    Omega Acquisition Corporation