Supporting & Developing Talent at AEA

We pride ourselves on the lasting mentorships formed to advance our future leaders, supported by the long-tenured careers of our employees

The AEA Way

Our Approach to Talent

We believe that by empowering and supporting every team member, our firm will continue to generate value for our businesses and investors

AEA has grown significantly since our founding in 1968. We attribute this growth to our ability to recruit, retain and promote top talent. AEA takes a holistic, one-firm approach to talent development, underpinned by the principle that it is our collective responsibility to mentor and support one another. In doing so, we inherently create a more resilient and sustainable organization

AEA Professional Development Initiatives
Continuous Improvement and Career Building

At AEA, we support an apprenticeship approach to talent development with a centralized training platform to help our employees achieve their career objectives and manage a fast-paced work environment. We have established continuous learning and improvement programs dedicated to all levels of the organization, which we believe builds stronger professionals, facilitates more opportunities for career advancement and ultimately drives growth across the firm

Elements of Continuous AEA Training:
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Workshops dedicated to leadership training, providing and receiving feedback, investment negotiations and interview skills

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Digital insights and analytics training for all investment professionals

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External expert presentations on topics such as productivity, technology best practices and promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace

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Robust formal performance review framework as well as ongoing informal performance check-ins throughout the year

Talent Initiatives

The Associate Program

Our entry-level program where new hires gain firsthand diligence, underwriting and portfolio management experience

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The Associate Program

Investing in Change

Recruited associates join a specific investment group for the duration of the program that allows them to gain evaluation, diligence and underwriting exposure to new opportunities as well as participate in portfolio company management of existing investments

Many of our investment partners began their AEA careers in the Associate Program, which is designed to train and mentor future thinkers and value creators in a collaborative environment with exposure to professionals firmwide. Many of our associates have gone on to pursue a wide range of opportunities, including promotion within AEA, business school, roles at other investment firms and entrepreneurial ventures leading business operations.

The Women’s Leadership Network

A forum for our female professionals to develop and build relationships both within and outside of AEA

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The Women’s Leadership Network

Investing in Change

We value attracting, retaining and furthering the professional development of talented women

The Women’s Leadership Network (“WLN”) provides our female professionals with access to opportunities to network and build relationships across the firm, develop and hone leadership skills and collaborate with one another, with the goal of advancing their careers. We believe the WLN encourages diversity of thought and demonstrates AEA’s commitment to inclusivity and developing diversity in leadership.

WLN Highlights:

  • Content driven events including keynote speakers and roundtable discussions to help drive important conversations in and out of the workplace and develop key skills to advance in leadership roles.
  • Social events to build and strengthen bonds among AEA’s female professionals and between WLN members and male colleagues other professionals at AEA.
  • Firm level programs, involving employees at all levels and across all groups, that highlight social issues, including and beyond gender diversity.
  • Establishment of cross-group mentor-mentee relationships
Sponsorship for SEO Program

AEA is a proud partner to the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (“SEO”) Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (“AIFP”) which supports investment banking analysts who are traditionally underrepresented in the alternative asset industry

Learn about our SEO sponsorship
Sponsorship for SEO Program

Investing in Change

AEA is a partner to the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (“SEO”) Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (“AIFP”)

AIFP sponsors educate, mentor and provide access to first and second-year investment banking analysts who are traditionally underrepresented in the alternatives industry. AEA commits to mentoring new fellows every year through junior and senior-level AEA employee participation

SEO Program Highlights:

  • Promote diversity in the alternatives sector
  • Provide AIFP Fellows differentiated access to career development and advancement
  • Maintain meaningful connections with in-depth exposure and hands on mentorship
HBCU Internship Program

Summer internship program for students enrolled at historically black colleges and universities (“HBCU”)

Learn about the HBCU Internship Program
HBCU Internship Program

Investing in Change

AEA launched its inaugural summer internship program in 2021, which targets students enrolled at historically black colleges and universities

Over a 10-week period, summer interns gain valuable alternatives experience by rotating through AEA’s investment groups, including AEA MMPE, AEA SBF and AEA Private Debt, and our robust training program. In addition, each intern is assigned an AEA mentor to provide guidance and support throughout the program

Internship Program Purpose:

  • Provide early investing exposure to talented diverse students
  • Position interns competitively for future career opportunities, regardless of their field of choice
  • Facilitate long-term relationships among summer interns and throughout AEA
Out 4 Undergrad

A non-profit organization focused on helping young LGBTQ+ professionals reach their full potential in banking, consulting, private equity and other careers that AEA is proud to sponsor

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Out 4 Undergrad

Investing in Change

AEA is committed to empowering all employees to feel comfortable being their full, authentic selves at work. By continually investing in our talent pipeline, we are able to attract and retain diverse individuals who know what we stand for.

AEA has been a sponsor for Out 4 Undergrad since 2015. As a firm, we are steadfastly committed to attracting diverse talent from different backgrounds, including gender, race and sexual orientation. Out 4 Undergrad has become an important source of our talent pipeline for undergraduates in the banking and consulting space that are seeking a buyside role after completing their 2- or 3-year programs. We are proud to show our support for the organization which underscores AEA’s commitment to ensuring that everyone can be their authentic selves at work.

Out 4 Undergrad Highlights:

  • Annual conference with notable keynote speakers that gathers 300+ students and over 50+ sponsors
  • As a platinum sponsor, AEA has had the opportunity to speak on various panels, on topics such as buyside & alternative financial careers and business school, and act as mentors to diverse groups of students seeking careers in the financial services sector
  • AEA has consistently had LGBTQ+ representation across its associate classes
  • Two current Out 4 Undergrad Board members are prior AEA talent

Stories of Excellence

“I started at AEA as an Associate. While the firm was supportive of my business school ambitions and acceptance, I ultimately decided to stay at AEA and pursue the internal promotion opportunity – and I am now a Principal. The reasons I chose to stay at AEA have proven out over the years: the firm has a unique blend of responsibly building businesses and generating very strong returns, all while prioritizing a collaborative, family-like culture. As an example, several years ago I started the AEA Women’s Leadership Network (“WLN”). We have received incredible support from the firm, particularly leadership, as AEA is genuinely committed to attracting and retaining talented women and diverse professionals throughout the organization. We are just getting started and are always working together to find ways to improve.”

Anneka Kamel
Principal, Middle Market Private Equity

“The longevity, stability and track record of investing across a multitude of economic cycles and environments over 50+ years is what made AEA an attractive platform to join. I aim to bring a diverse perspective to the team as well as an outside of the box approach to our strategic investment solutions. I am excited to be a part of the growth and bright future of AEA.”

Tim Wong
Principal, Private Debt

“As an Associate, I enjoyed the critical thinking, pace and level of responsibility I had from the outset. I was entrusted and valued as a key deal team member from day one. I came back to AEA after business school because of the unique culture of the firm – there is a continuity in the group that you don’t see elsewhere.”

Rachel Kumar
Principal, Strategy & Operations, Small Business Private Equity

“Innovation has been a key theme across AEA’s investments, as well as a driving force for the firm’s success. Since 1968, AEA has maintained a dominant position within the private equity community, guided by a keen vision for opportunity. The recent formation of AEA Growth is a testament to that vision, and the firm’s focus and dedication to growth investing is ultimately what led me and the new Growth team to AEA.”

Nathan Khalil
Vice President, Growth Capital

“AEA cares about culture and our employees. It never ceases to amaze me how dynamic the firm is at fostering an environment that inspires teamwork. Eighteen years and counting and AEA still continues to evolve and strive for excellence in everything we do! Working for the firm is an experience that I will continue to treasure.”

Nachon Chrichlow
Staff Accountant

“AEA utilizes an apprenticeship model for developing people, which I have appreciated since joining as a former consultant. We are constantly empowered to expand our knowledge and scope while being provided support from those who were previously in our shoes. As a result, my time here has felt like a continued progression, with each 6 months being meaningfully different than those preceding.”

Jordan Jett
Vice President, Middle Market Private Equity

“When I applied to several private equity firms as an investment banking analyst, it was hard to distinguish between the various firms, outside of fund sizes and basic investment strategies. When I met with AEA, though, I got the sense that something about the firm was different. Since joining AEA, what I suspected during those initial meetings has only been confirmed – the culture at AEA is special and distinct in a way that many other firms only claim to be. The firm’s focus on apprenticeship is differentiated within the industry and especially so for a firm of this size. I can say for certain that AEA’s focus on developing junior talent has accelerated my professional development beyond what I would have expected.”

Chris Brown
Vice President, Middle Market Private Equity

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