We Help Build Market Leaders, One Partnership at a Time

With our global network and strategic knowledge base, AEA SBPE is a growth incubator for tomorrow’s industry leaders

Investment Criteria

Enterprise Value:

< $500mm


$5mm - $40mm

Equity Investment:

$50mm – $250mm


North America / Europe
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A Legacy Of Helping Management Teams Achieve Their Vision By Removing Barriers To Growth

AEA SBPE partners with established and emerging market leaders with a desire to meaningfully expand and scale for the long run
Key Highlights

Our industrial family roots, collegial culture and partnership approach position us as the preferred partner of choice for family- and founder-led companies

SBPE portfolio companies are founder-led


We serve as the catalyst for strategic expansion, enabling founder- and management-led businesses to transform into market leaders

Average portfolio company revenue growth with AEA SBPE


Relationships matter. Many of our management teams continue their support for AEA beyond our ownership period, which is the truest form of validation

Portfolio company executives later become investors in AEA SBPE

With Whom We Want to Partner

We don't invest in industries, we invest in people

We work alongside like-minded operators who are well positioned for growth by virtue of their company culture and superior business models. Across all industries, our preferred partners share these characteristics which enable them to outperform:

Established, recurring demand with limited cyclicality
Large, fragmented market with an attractive consolidation opportunity
Identifiable and sustainable competitive advantage with ability to take share
Best-in-class management team eager to develop into a market leader
Asymmetric upside and strong free cash flow dynamics
Numerous opportunities available for transformative growth

How We Work

Our management teams gain access to AEA's unrivaled set of global resources designed to support and accelerate their growth ambitions

We work closely with management to determine what the right resources are to both stimulate growth and expand beyond what the business has achieved on its own. From day one, our partners gain access to AEA’s deep domain expertise and trusted, global network of strategic and functional resources. Whether organically or through acquisition, we help our businesses grow for impact, not just scale


Execution Experience

Tap into the experience of AEA’s 110+ investment professionals to prioritize and execute value creation initiatives


Strategic Insight

Access to industry veterans with differentiated thought leadership and new perspectives


Functional Expertise

Gain professional support in areas such as business development, digital marketing, operations, information technology and human resources


Global Credibility & Network

Leverage AEA’s global footprint and relationships to access new channels and geographies


Business Development Resource

Source, execute and integrate acquisitions effectively with dedicated M&A capabilities


Aligned Partner

AEA SBF is committed to supporting management’s growth journey

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Case Studies

Colony Hardware Corporation
Bringing Excellence to the Ordinary
Read More about Colony Hardware Corporation
National Carwash Solutions
Driving Clean, Shiny and Dry Service as a Market-Leading Innovator
Read More about National Carwash Solutions
PLZ Aeroscience
Expanding an Uncanny Expert Into the Leading Solution Provider
Read More about PLZ Aeroscience

Hear It First Hand

“We partnered with AEA SBF as we saw the market changing for agents with the increasing need for technology, rising insurance costs, heightening compliance requirements and the need for much broader support for agents across a whole spectrum of needs. We wanted to strike and AEA SBF provided us with the capital, broad experience and resources for growth & acquisitions, and the support to invest in our team for where we wanted to be in 5-10 years.”

Bo Bates
Chief Executive Officer, The Evans Network of Companies

“We realized we had created a unique solution that commercial contractors were demanding in more locations but we didn’t have the capital or experience to begin a regional or national roll-out. AEA SBF partnered with us and brought capital, extensive distribution experience, access to board members who had built national platforms and the encouragement to invest heavily through the recession to execute our plan.”

Michael Weiner
Chief Executive Officer, Colony Hardware Corporation

“I partnered with AEA SBF to take advantage of a market fragmentation that had high manufacturing costs and a generational turnover. PLZ believed we could leverage our low cost position and AEA SBF’s experience and resources to  build a substantial market leader.”

John Ferring
Chief Executive Officer, PLZ Aeroscience

“We partnered with AEA because they immediately understood our vision to build an unprecedented one-stop model. They challenged us to invest heavily in our team far ahead of growth and to fully build out our product and market map. They helped us assemble a board with the expertise to compliment our strategic plans. Together we sourced & executed ten acquisitions.”

Mike Gillen
Chief Executive Officer, National Carwash Solutions

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